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28th November 2009, 12:30
Hi guys,

As part of my work's Christmas party, we have a convoluted clue relating to a car rally. I'm unsure if this refers to a location or not. I live in Perth, Western Australia. We have the following four clues, and they are all related:

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something for the crew! (MY NOTE: A reference to weddings with "blue" missing)

2. Clue number 2 will come out of the blue!

3. Clue number 2 but remove the blue!

4. take clue number 2 and add the following: Pavlov's ....... Heisenberg's ....... Shrodinger's ....... ..... antisnowflake (MY NOTE: Pavlov's dog, Heisenberg's uncertainity principle, Shrodinger's Cat, and Koch's Antisnowflake).

I'm able to fill a few gaps but can't see a "big picture". If you can't solve it, its perfectly possible it relates to some Perth landmark - but I am not sure!
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28th November 2009, 12:57
mmmm... this looks like a job for robert langdon
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28th November 2009, 13:33
Blimey, what's all that with the blue in, blue out business? LOL

However, I did notice that the inital letters of the missing words in clue 4 spell DUCK.

Using this I did a google for 'perth australia duck' and was suprised to find that all the top results were for 'The Blue Duck Cafe/Restaurant'.


Maybe, but it does seem like a good place to start or end a work's car rally as it is located on the sea front.
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29th November 2009, 00:17
I think you might be on to something aljanon! The Blue Duck is only about 5 minutes from work too, plus "Duck" is consistent with the animal theme.

I'll take a note and hope something comes up on the day of the rally!
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29th November 2009, 00:23
Well Sytadel if you win send us a postcard.

Mamya ♥
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