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28th November 2009, 10:26
I know my husband has asked for help on this quiz, but now he still only wants one answer and some of you have posted a reply, I am not an expert but looking at the answers posted I do not understand the answers. Some of you suggested "watchet" as the answer but I still can't see why.

The clue is :-
Look out for an angling fly (7)
it does have a colour connection.
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28th November 2009, 11:03
I answered this one on a thread here last week but forget what the answer was (Old age!!).
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28th November 2009, 11:04
Hi Sue.

watchet is a word meaning 'pale or light blue'.
As the previous posters already said, it sounds like 'watch it' (i.e. 'look out') and is also the (partial) name for">an angling fly.

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28th November 2009, 11:10
Good man, JimC! Now I remember. Chambers D gives as a FULL definition WATCHET = A PALE BLUE, A MATERIAL OF THIS COLOUR, AN ANGLING FLY
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28th November 2009, 11:36
Thats fantastic all, now you have informed us its pale blue, now for a good nights sleep, well until the next he brings home.
Once again thank-you everyone

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