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26th November 2009, 13:21
please help im stuck on last 4 questions to rainbow quiz . 9
Which criminals arrived as the clarinets played?
...but watch the clock- they can be deceiving.3,6
Outside the house make fun of the aristocratic ruffian. 6
Have a dance around and meet someone who worked on the roads. 9
please can i have answers not clues .
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26th November 2009, 13:56
What criminals......

Anagram of Clarinets

Maybe Larcenist

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26th November 2009, 14:36
You have already posted nearly every question and now you are virtually admitting that you are either too stupid or too lazy to do any yourself.
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26th November 2009, 15:04
For once I actually agree with Richard (Dickhead)
I think this complete quiz has been answered on these pages, if not fully, then with additional clues.
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26th November 2009, 15:52
I dislike `answers ,not clues` even if said politely.
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26th November 2009, 17:13
It is a pity that "Dickhead" does not use his usual name but I feel obliged to agree with him.

A word of advice to Rustypin. It's OK to have a few typos in a posting (we all do sometimes). It's OKish to post a stream of filth. But you should take special care to avoid typos AND filth. It just makes you look chavish. Please bear this in mind if you respond in your usual way.
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s knott

26th November 2009, 17:51

You\'re such a bladdy gentleman.

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27th November 2009, 11:04
The instructions on this quiz give you the option to send it in even if you haven't got all the answers, so sign your cheque (hopefully with a donation and not just the entry fee)and let the charity benefit
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