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30th March 2013, 16:56
hello jazzgirl.
in an earlier posting you said ''I must remember to refresh''. what did you mean please??? bob
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30th March 2013, 16:58
after thinking about an answer for a short while, someone else might have given their answer, so if you "refresh"the page ( a round arrow sign somewhere on your toolbar) you can see if anyone else has answered in the meantime
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30th March 2013, 16:58
Hi Bob,
The screen does not "refresh" (update) itself automatically, so you have to click F5 key or click on "forum" to see the latest post. I sometimes forget to do this, and so am a bit behind in seeing others' posts.
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30th March 2013, 17:15
thank you both very much. all I need to do now is remember what you have told me. enjoy your Easter week-end regards Bob
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