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27th March 2013, 09:58
3 answers from the above I don't understand, can somebody please explain :-
18a "Party line given from soapbox" - Answer "Platform"
4d "Cotton clothes casually reduced" - answer "Thread"
14d "Completely OTT about pieces in plot" - answer "Allotment"
ALSO - can anyone explain how to use the "code tags" shown here - to the right of this box:-
(b) This text will be shown in bold(b), etc, etc
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27th March 2013, 10:06
14d ott + all men (pieces on chessboard etc)
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27th March 2013, 10:09
''Threads' is a casual/slang term for clothes ',
'Reduced' indicates you've to shorten the word, so it becomes 'thread'/cotton.

14 It's 'all'= completely
'men' = pieces (in chess)
The 'ott' gets fitted in - all OT menT.
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27th March 2013, 10:31
18a is a double definition
soapbox and party line can both be platform
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