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26th March 2013, 23:23
Hiya to all the forum setters,

I need to call on you to help me with a small quandary.
I have created the grid for the next JE, however, it can't quite work without the input of another 2 setters being involved. Theambler has been in touch and will be otherwise engaged and Lostintranslation seems to have gone to ground.
It would be good to hear from a couple of our past fellow setters.
I will leave it until tomorrow night for possible input but after that I will have to tweak the format and put 2 of the ladies into other groups and write a few extra clues myself, this isn't too much of a problem really but would be ashame if 2 setters contact too late and unfortunately miss out of the next issue of the JE.

I'm off to bed now, but will check in again tomorrow when I get a spare minute at work


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27th March 2013, 06:43
Hi, Les. Sent an email re my situation.
Hope there some leeway, time-wise.

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27th March 2013, 08:29
Got it Syzygy,

I've worked out a way to make it work OK now, so if nothing changes by tonight, I'll commence with plan B.
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28th March 2013, 21:04
Hiya all,

I've been a bit busy but back on with the job of the JE now. I'm off work tomorrow so I'm gonna get all the clue words out to you then because I'm back in work on Saturday, everyone should have their words by tomorrow and we'll take it from there.
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28th March 2013, 22:53
Looking forward to it Les.
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28th March 2013, 23:08
I feel you'll like this one ixion, looking forward to it myself, I get to set a few more clues myself aswell
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