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9th April 2013, 11:46
People were insisting it was correct as kennelmaid,so let it be.
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9th April 2013, 16:24
Come come Palman. You had us all puzzling about Danes and you surely can not leave us all hanging in the breeze like this . Do give us the benefit of your thoughts.
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9th April 2013, 16:47
Maybe Palman wants it to remain a quiz and not the lottery it has become with so many clues and a lot of them so easy they may as well have been answers and I am sure that before the closing date every question will have been asked. What a shame that the setter probably took hours to set this when she could have just sold raffle tickets
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12th April 2013, 16:33
Hi famousfive
56Think of a word for a young tree, then look it up in Chambers.
87 Think of the woman feline in western film .
I would appreciate some extra help for the answers to No 32.Surprisingly easily I go to get meat for the animal,
No 55 Hitch in the musical "Chess" - piece is shortened
No 59. Vessels carrying pre-Christian sort of animals.
No 71. Argentina has these animals
No 72.Papers released his story of the dogged detective
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12th April 2013, 22:10
an anyone help me with clue 100. Just can't see it at all.
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12th April 2013, 23:23
Hi marmalade. Re 100
' last - but one' means last but one letter of 5 67 8 9
words . Hope this helps
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13th April 2013, 08:57
thanks so much Winnie. It's easy when someone tells you!!!
97, cats many get noisier so we're told. Is the many 'lots'
or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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13th April 2013, 11:49
Okay,my answer to 28 Make your own mind up.
It starts with B and ends in S If you cannot solve it between you,further clue next week.
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13th April 2013, 12:11
Hello again Winnie. Thought I had finished but when I see the clue you have given for no.100 I am not so sure of my answer. I have a word for a Japanese breed of dog beginning and ending in A. However if this isn't right I don't really understand your clue? Can you enlarge please? As for the answer to no.28 beginning with B and ending with S, I am still quite positive that the answer is kennelmaid as do many others.
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13th April 2013, 12:15
Winnie. Forget my last message, I have worked out what you mean for no. 100 !!!
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