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6th April 2013, 12:08
Any thoughts on a couple of clues which have not popped up as yet i.e. Numbers 41,Oriental during Dynasty etc and 45 Man went round river. I am sure the second one is simple but then so is my brain.

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6th April 2013, 12:39
Hi Delta. Not 100% sure of no.41 myself but my answer is the name of a Chinese dish? Re no.45 - two letters short for mister and enclose the name of a Yorkshire river in between them. Hope this helps?
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6th April 2013, 17:45
Hi Haeremai18 Thank you for your thoughts. Yes I have been thinking of a Chinese dish but I can not make it fit the clue which is always important for Neville's fiendish writing. I will think about Yorkshire rivers.
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7th April 2013, 11:52
Hi Haeremai18. MY little grey cells have finally kicked into action and I am happy with a Chinese dish. I should have got the right river sooner since I used to live quite near it. Thank you for your help.
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7th April 2013, 17:27
Hi all. I'd like a clue please for

56 Young tree suitable for the penultimate puppy (7)
87 Western woman was disorderly in a local but she took on a drunk (3,6)

Thanks in advance
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7th April 2013, 17:41
56 synonym for "young tree"
87 Film about a woman who hires a gunman to protect her father's ranch, but he's not what she thinks
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7th April 2013, 18:37
Thanks for those, got them now - first so obvious when you see it!
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9th April 2013, 11:46
People were insisting it was correct as kennelmaid,so let it be.
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9th April 2013, 16:24
Come come Palman. You had us all puzzling about Danes and you surely can not leave us all hanging in the breeze like this . Do give us the benefit of your thoughts.
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9th April 2013, 16:47
Maybe Palman wants it to remain a quiz and not the lottery it has become with so many clues and a lot of them so easy they may as well have been answers and I am sure that before the closing date every question will have been asked. What a shame that the setter probably took hours to set this when she could have just sold raffle tickets
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