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6th March 2013, 18:52
Well done, ab!
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6th March 2013, 19:17
Well done AB
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6th March 2013, 19:18
..and a good if slightly dangerous choice of phrase rambler
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6th March 2013, 20:00
Well done ab
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6th March 2013, 20:40
Thank you, what a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed the prize, Rambler and what a fruitful choice of phrase. Look forward to next week.
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6th March 2013, 23:27
Well...I will l refrain from any comments on " stereotyping" RAMBLER!

And just say great words ......great clue AB ...Mr Monosyllabic.....

Could not access the prize......but will "you tube" it later.....x
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6th March 2013, 23:34
Good one AB! would have voted for you with that on PR
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6th March 2013, 23:48
Congrats AB
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6th March 2013, 23:59
Congratulations, AB.
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7th March 2013, 20:40
Hi All A bit late but here we go again!!!!
I thought Ramblers challenge would present difficulties for setters but plenty rose to the bait.
Unfortuneately I do not think ABs quite grabs the worm.

One word clues are a marvel when they can be used especially if they lead to a multi-word answer.
The trouble with Oestragens is that it is a good answeer to the clue "Women Drivers" but flawed the other way round.
A one word clue must contain both definition and puzzling/cryptic surface reading at the "same time".
Oestragens is a definition no doubt which rules out any puzzle (when you know the answer you see a clever allusion but its the wrong way round) The crypt must be in the clue not the answer)
No doubt most of my friends and cronies will totall disagree with me but I do hope that some will see the point even if they think it doesnt matter.

My feeling is that examples of clever non-cryptics are popping up more and more in Clueless and Peer Review.

These are Cryptic Clue Comps But

Yours in Charity Thea
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