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ann - bristol

27th February 2013, 19:29
just finsihed a crossword, and can people please confirm the floowing and alter if necessary

1) Sporty diversion, the course of which might force a ramblers' diversion
4 letters
I have CORF

2) Walks very unsteadily in Hertfordshire (Elstree)
5 letters
I have REEST

i stuggle with anagrams but I am getting there slowly and try to finish

thank you in advance
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27th February 2013, 19:35
1) maybe - golf

2) is reels from - inside the clue
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ann - bristol

27th February 2013, 20:40
thank you redundant elf
Golf makes more sense

REELS = stagger or walk unsteady, which meant other clues where wrong with reest (this i did to fit rather than anything else!!) and have now been altered and appear more correct than what they were originally
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