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26th February 2013, 20:55
I'm new here. Though I've completed the grid, I could use help with understanding a few of the clues in a cryptic crossword. This is a British-style cryptic (a type I'm not overly familiar with.)

"Being perhaps unconscious, missing drink with jam and bread?" - answer NOTI. I see how "missing drink with jam and bread" works as wordplay, but I don't get the literal definition. There is no indication that the answer is 2 words or hyphenated.

"British composer who's hell for a blind man?" - answer ADES. I'd understand if it said "hell for a Cockney man"...
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26th February 2013, 21:27
Hello Tril

Regarding ADES/ Thomas Ades was born in london,which gives you the connection to (H)ades.
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26th February 2013, 21:31
Sorry forgot to mention Dawn Ades wrote the Blindman
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gok wan acolytes

26th February 2013, 21:42

Not-I that which is not the conscious ego.
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