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25th February 2013, 21:20
Ok everyone,

I'm gonna start sending emails now, let me know when/if you've received your words.
I'll post again when I've finished sending all the emails so that you know if you've got them or not yet.
the following clue setters will receive in the next hour or so. In the following order.
Pastille - Greedy Kite - ixion - Paul - Redundantelf - Lostintranslation - Rosalind - Busby - ChrisE - djawhufc - Syzygy - aristophanes - Theambler - Emrach - peterm - AB - Bullfrog - Bigbadmarty2 - jws - bobs mum.

If you post on here that you are in receipt of your words, then others will know where I'm up to.

See ya soon guys.

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25th February 2013, 21:24
Just to let the new guys know that your words will be prefixed with a) OR d)
This is just to show if it is a Across OR Down clue in case it's needed for your wordplay, also add all your wordplay in your replies to me thanks
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25th February 2013, 21:35
Got them Les....they seem to form a short sentence...
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greedy kite

25th February 2013, 21:39
Received & u'stood, les: I'm sending you a little question on one,though.
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25th February 2013, 22:14
I've got mine, les.
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25th February 2013, 22:24
Have my word(s) !!!!! will try them. Can anyone tell me how long I have to come up with the clues? Thanks
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25th February 2013, 22:26
Received. Thank you.
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25th February 2013, 22:37
Ok gang,

All emails are now sent, so if you aint received anything then please let me know.

ixion - I didn't notice and that does stir up some strange images.

Emrach - You're ok for a couple of days yet, I'm busy myself working til late tomorrow, going to the theatre on Wednesday night and back at college on Thursday til 9pm
It's a situation of 'how long is a piece of string'

I will be doing bits and bobs while I'm at work cus I have a laptop now but it does depend on how busy things get at work
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25th February 2013, 22:53
Got mine, thanks Les.
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25th February 2013, 23:02
Got them, Les.
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