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24th February 2013, 08:33
I agree! But for the sake of my sanity could someone please tell me if my answer to 14a - art historian - is correct, and if it is, please parse it for me.
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24th February 2013, 08:47
THIS TOR(this peak) inside arian (old heretic)
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24th February 2013, 15:27

Thank you. I can stop gibbering now.
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24th February 2013, 16:38
I think you're all being a bit hard on Paul: it was difficult to get going but very entertaining, I thought. My husband even got involved in doing it, and he detests cryptics!

There's just one I still can't parse:
16D Treat a foot breaking three times, getting old (6,2)

I have ATTEND TO, but I can't see why, beyond 'treat' being the definition.
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24th February 2013, 16:42
A foot = A END
[breaking] three times - TTT (times = T)
getting old - O
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24th February 2013, 16:51
Thank you, mamya!
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24th February 2013, 17:15
Well said livs...a good dose of humour and inventiveness from Paul, I don't really understand the criticism of 12,5...the only clue I found a bit clunky was 5D.
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bobs mum

24th February 2013, 18:18
Hope you do not mind me interrupting your thread.
I have posted here in the hope that you would like to join a thread called Clue Chain on Monday afternoons starting usually about 1 o' clock.

We are a jolly, friendly few who play and we would very much like others to join in. The game is played for fun -- so please do not be deterred by thinking ' I cannot set clues'. Pop in and say hi, or just watch the game to start with to get an idea of what it is all about. So, all in all, great fun, challenging (not that challenging when I am the setter) and a good supportive learning experience. Please join -- everyone is most welcome.

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25th February 2013, 13:50
I only got round to doing this today, and I found it delightful, with a genuine laugh-out-loud moment when I started reading the long answer out loud. Not as taxing as it appeared at first sight, but good fun.
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