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bobs mum

21st February 2013, 08:49
Good morning,
Following our car breaking down in Europe,
we finally got home yesterday evening after a 13 hour journey that involved 4 different trains,5 cars and two tube trains ---- absolutely shattered. on the whole it was a good journey which was enlivened by a lovely Parisian taxi driver and a London cabbie whose command of the English language failed him and resorted to Anglo Saxon when faced with the traffic around Kings Cross - he was so frustrated with the congestion and after hearing our story he turned the meter off. What a star

We have to do the same journey again in reverse in ten days to retrieve the car from the garage.

Thank you to all here who wished us luck and we had plenty of 'bon courage' from the French
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21st February 2013, 08:56
Glad you are safe and well. It's the sort of adventure I could certainly do without.
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bobs mum

21st February 2013, 11:17
Thanks kilowatt,

i must admit i am not relishing the thought of the return trip and the the 600 mile drive back, we r sorting out European break down insurance at the mo-- better late than never i suppose.
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21st February 2013, 11:26
Glad to see you're back safe and sound bobs mum, it sounded like an arduous journey. Perhaps it's a sign that you should make that move to France on a more permanent basis as gk suggested? (Not that we're trying to get rid of you lol)
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21st February 2013, 11:28
Well, bobs mum, that sounds like the kind of adventure , you could well do without.....a bit of an omnishambles....try and relax now. X
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21st February 2013, 11:30
Nice to see you are home safe and sound - pity you are going to have to do it all again !!!! Re the taxi driver its always nice to have your faith in human nature restored.

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21st February 2013, 17:33
So glad you`re home after that nightmare journey, and hope your return will be hassle-free. last summer I too was surprised by a generous London cabbie who knocked a lot of the fare after being stuck in horrendous jams.. Mags.
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