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18th February 2013, 19:12
Sorry I disappeared just as you posted your clue on CLUE CHAIN - our neighbour called round. I think we did rather well considering how few of us took part - it's a pity so many have dropped out.
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18th February 2013, 20:34
Hi rambler
I agree. I can't take the "high ground" as I was popping in and out for most of the afternoon as well.

What a curse this fine weather is!!!!
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18th February 2013, 22:26
It would be good if people popped in and out but I think we only had five taking part today. I don't think it's the weather - the game's just not popular.
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18th February 2013, 23:37
Hi toots the rambler...must disagree....would love to partake, just not usually around on a Monday....I still think a lot of people are not around during the day.

Maybe try an evening session and see how it goes!

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18th February 2013, 23:43
I enjoy the game but I wasn't around this afternoon. Nor will I be next week. It would do no harm to give an evening session a try. It sounds like a good idea.
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