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18th February 2013, 15:08
SATORI turned out to be correct - it's your go (on CLUE CHAIN for any other readers)
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bobs mum

18th February 2013, 17:46
Hi chrise,

Sorry it was my fault entirely------ life has a funny way of intervening ---usually i set aside a quiet time in my life 'for me' ie, Monday afternoon but what with all the tarry diddle with the car and garages ringing, arrangement's with Eurostar etc --- plus having to stand at the bottom of a ladder whilst hubby is trying to fix a satillite dish 20ft up the south facing wall of the maison plus speaking to the kennels re our hairy hound ---i got a little discombobulated ---i have to say that my normal sense of humour and sunny disposition disappeared for a while . All has been restored to normal now as i watched Blandings on BBc i player ex pat tv and i feel at one with the world any ready to fight another day LOL LOl LOl xxxxx Thanks for yr kind wishes and we will speak when i am back in England home
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18th February 2013, 18:06
Life has a habit of interfering, doesn't it?
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