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17th February 2013, 08:55
Rock of Gibraltar primarily covered by goo course on Spain(6)

i think grande ....the river ... but isn't it rio grande?

so cannot parse the clue.
help please!

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film fan

17th February 2013, 09:18
Grunge is rock and gunge is goo. And that's the best that I can do.
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17th February 2013, 09:24
The clue is actually 'covered by good course...'
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17th February 2013, 10:31
Good is G, course is RUN, Spain is E (Espana) gives GRUNE which covers G(ibraltar) primarily gives GRUNGE = Rock (in the sense of rock music)
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17th February 2013, 10:44
excellent parse, brackendale, and many thanks to all
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