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17th February 2013, 19:06
mr mournful's point is that there are not two possible answers to the 1D clue, because the clue tells you the answer has 3 digits. As to the highlighting, you have to understand the implication of the relevant sentence in the preamble.
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17th February 2013, 19:25
Thanks gem - point taken. I now have the highlighting which was staring me in the face the whole time!
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17th February 2013, 22:03
Hello guys,
I have the grid full and I've done the modifications/got the totals in the right places, but I'm utterly stumped by the last highlighting - I fear I'm being a little silly and that it's staring me in the face, but I can see only 3 extra of the digits in the total though I need 6? Can anyone offer a hint in the right direction? Much obliged!
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18th February 2013, 01:14
cookiemonster, it depends what you mean by 'extra'. If you re-read the relevant paragraph of the preamble slowly, you'll realise how you're over-restricting yourself.
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18th February 2013, 08:08
Cookiemonster you've done the same as me! If you ignore the digits in the row and column that are significant, you are left with SIX not three digits that match the row and column. Highlighting these should give the shape of something familiar?
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18th February 2013, 13:06
Ah, thank you chaps! I really must stop overcomplicating things needlessly. Many thanks!
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18th February 2013, 16:48
I have the 6 extra digits, I recognise it - but how it relates to 'what Cleopatra would do when needled by a clue' escapes me.
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18th February 2013, 18:11
Say out loud what it is.
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18th February 2013, 18:48
I solved this puzzle and the highlighting on Saturday but didn't really get it, thinking it merely represented what any of us might do when puzzled. I finally understand it thanks to that hint -- gave me a wry smile and explained the strange preamble at last!
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