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17th November 2009, 10:34
Can anyone help with (how often have you heard this!) the last clue in my crossword - "Thanks be given first for a letter from Greece"? It's a 4 letter word - ?E?G. I'm reasonable sure of the other letters.

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the alchemist

17th November 2009, 10:45
I think it could be BETA.
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17th November 2009, 10:57
I agree with you alchemist.

Thanks = ta
Be given first = beta
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17th November 2009, 16:02
Thank you Alchemist and Aljanon - you've got it! I had the adjoining downward answer wrong - "end in laughter" when it was "end in disaster" (same difference really!!). Thank you both again - we've just managed to catch the post with it.

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