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12th February 2013, 08:45
Last night I tried to reply to a thread with the above title.
My response went into limbo. I could see it, but not the original thread anymore, & then my reply disappeared too.

I presume the thread was removed. For what reason?

If the author is checking, the next post is my answer.
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12th February 2013, 08:48
The site does state that only the first 100 words are listed.

The examples submitted by B & B give the following results at your site, Chambers, & Quick Solve here:
r???i?? - 400 / 407 / 205
?o??i?? - 1211 / 1168 / 682
?e??i??? - 1211 / 814 / 469

Hardly realistic expectations with that many ?s. Duh!

On the other hand, quite a number of results, unusual words, did not link to a definition.
The best was, with Yahoo a distant second.
Wikipedia doesn't handle plurals well, or upper case. Your links always create a capitalized link for Wiki.
Perhaps Wictionary would be a better choice. I got better results there.
Also, consider a link to OneLook.

Good luck with your project.

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norah (admin)

12th February 2013, 14:23
I took the decision to delete the thread because we do not allow advertising in any form on the site, it could open the flood gates if we did. Occasionally a link is included in a thread but this usually refers to a site where a particular user has received inspiration in solving the clue being discussed on that particular thread, we leave those in but that’s as far as we are prepared to go.

I recommended to Andy that perhaps a site like Answerbank might be of some use. I understand this site covers everything under the sun and more besides! I also wished him all the best for his project.

I hope this answers your query.
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13th February 2013, 05:17
Thank you. I suspected that was the reason.

Perhaps the author was being too honest & should have said, "Look what I found."
Maybe someone else will "discover" the site. (-;

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