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big al

10th February 2013, 18:56
3D An American I-Phone (1,4)
- C - L -
Cell I can see but the whoie answer defeats me

13A Heads of this French stock exchange give backing to the thing, but we'e not comfortable with the points they make (5)
- A - T -

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10th February 2013, 19:02
French stock exchange is CAC, with a short word for thing reversed , you may see the points?
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big al

11th February 2013, 04:30
Thank you ab - For some reason I was stuck on Bourse, remembering my schoolboy French of fifty+ years ago...It all makes sense....
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11th February 2013, 07:20
Looks like A Cell - (a)merican + cell - American term for a mobile phone
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