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10th February 2013, 14:55
Hi Ari
Just a wee word, hoping you and your family are coping OK with the dreadful weather we're seeing on our TV screens. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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10th February 2013, 17:19
Thanks for your concern, Jolan. We ended up with 26-28 inches, though neighboring towns got 36. It seemed tame compared to the blizzard of 1978, when we got four feet here. The wind was a bit frightening, since our house is surrounded by huge trees and we have lots of skylights, but there wasn't much damage at all, perhaps because every tree with weak limbs or root system came down during the two recent hurricanes. We never lost power here, and we're all plowed out; I have paths all through the property, to various outbuildings, and it looks look an Olympic village. It's very crisp underfoot (most gratifying), and it's a dazzlingly clear, beautiful day.
Looking forward to 5@5. Best to you and Helen.
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10th February 2013, 17:21
Looks LIKE an Olympic village. :) I need some sleep.
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10th February 2013, 17:40
Hi there
Glad to read that you are through it.
How do you all move that amount of snow????
Kind Regs
THEA ( Patiently waiting for our promised snow--2-3cm!!!!)
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10th February 2013, 21:07
I move it with my handy-dandy Craftsman snowblower (it's quite the hog). Every town has a fleet of plows and/or contracts with private parties. In this part of the country we deal with it well, but in a place like Washington, DC there's often chaos after a snowfall. It appears that we're facing a worst-case scenario: heavy downpours are predicted for tomorrow. People are out shoveling their roofs because two feet of snow saturated with rain might end up in your dining room. I've just come in from building little packed-down snow dams to divert all that running water (been a busy beaver). An interesting couple of years we've been having.
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10th February 2013, 21:20
Lovely to hear all is well Ari. The rest of 'our gang' will be delighted when they get 'round to seeing this thread.
Keep well and safe
John (regards fom H too)
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10th February 2013, 23:59
Glad you are ok Aristo. Keep in touch. x
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11th February 2013, 00:19
Glad to hear you're ok - the news footage looks very scary!
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