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10th February 2013, 12:33
centre page (6)
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10th February 2013, 12:33
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10th February 2013, 12:35
You did not indicate if this was a cryptic clue or not.
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11th February 2013, 00:22
quizmad - why are you telling lies about this being a clue from a crossword? You know perfectly well it's a clue from a quiz that's only just come out and doesn't finish until the end of April.
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11th February 2013, 08:21
Thanks mamya and rossim for your help.
Don't like to be called a liar nexus as this was a question from a cryptic quiz book ,THE ACTUAL QUESTION WAS CENTRE PAGE LEADING TO A GOAT ,I thought centre page was spread but couldn't work out the connection ,then realised the answer was Butter .
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