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8th February 2013, 22:02
The Saturday puzzles are usually cryptics, some by Cox & Rathvon who were the setters for The Atlantic

Caveat: Some of the older WSJ puzzles require a Java plug-in (v 6.26).
DO NOT click Install because you will wind up with a major headache.
The old versions have security or other problems & can be hell to get rid of.

Plenty of good ones though.
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11th February 2013, 02:42
Bumping up because someone asked.

The Search bar doesn't seem to work anymore.
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11th February 2013, 12:56
Thanks, Syzzie. I'll have to ferret out the Cox & Rathvon ones (my heroes).
Been having a lot of trouble with this site. Apart from the letter-skipping thing, it keeps shutting down IE or freezing and bringing up a window that says "site not responding". This doesn't happen with any other site.
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11th February 2013, 20:20
Others have mentioned this.

As I've suggested, try Firefox or Chrome.
Cleaner landscape & a lot faster. A little background:

Hope the snow has stopped.

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11th February 2013, 21:02
I had been using Chrome. It must be coincidental, but I think it was the very day this site appeared in its new form that I couldn't access anything associated with Google; a "Forbidden Site" window keeps appearing. I've tried everything. When I called Google I got a message saying that all inquiries must be submitted online- not much help when the problem is that you can't get onto Google.
It's raining now- slush everywhere. At least there are no ice dams on the eaves. It's in the 40s and feels like one of those depressing March days- but I'll take it. :)
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11th February 2013, 21:05
In fact I just clicked on your link and got the Forbidden thing. Is it particularly racy?
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12th February 2013, 09:36
Weird, Aristo. I just clicked that link (in Firefox) & no problems.
Certainly not racy. It's an explanation of the inner workings of Chrome done in the style of a "graphic novel".
Not a fan of that form of fiction, but this is non-fiction & quite effective. Perhaps the new wave.

I bought a MIDI controller keyboard last week & the installation instructions were all pictures, only two sentences for Windows. Mac didn't even need that. Kudos to the designer ! If only every device was that easy to install. Had a TV remote that was returned after 2 hours of major pain.

The kind of error msg you got usually means that something has gone wrong with your security settings.
Is it a 403 error? Try accessing with all your browsers.

I'll think about it.

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