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norah (admin)

7th February 2013, 11:20
I'm starting a new thread in case you haven't seen the New Layout thread.

The team have looked at the missing letters issue raised elsewhere and can't find anything wrong with the system. It may just one of those things or it could be related to an advert that is running. Certainly all the problems seem to occur when Internet Explorer is being used.

I changed to Firefox several years ago on Ash's advice and have had no problems at all. Perhaps users still experiencing missing letters might like to consider changing or even trying Firefox as a one off to see if the problem still exists.

Others use Google Chrome and they too are not reporting problems.

I am sorry we can be more helpful just now but please continue to let us know if the missing letters issue continues.
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8th February 2013, 04:51
Thanks, Norah, & Ash, for the prompt responses to the early problems & user suggestions.

The reason the hard-core stick with IE is because some people don't like change, even when it makes life easier. Psych 101.
A book you might find useful. I recommend it to all Web designers:

Love the new look, & the search function. Perhaps the latter can be expanded in the future.

Reply to this post is marvellous because one can now see the post while answering. Could you also add the name of the poster?


PS: Please change Update Information to Submit Please !
(see above book)

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8th February 2013, 06:42
There are seven computers in our household. Many years ago we changed from Internet Explorer to Chrome and have never looked back. Chrome loads faster, has less "issues", and is less prone to many other problems that occur on the net. I quite often get a message from Chrome that says "The web site is not responding, wait or kill" (my kids don't get this message). It is my slow computer and IP provider, not the software or the web site, that causes this. ( Must feed the hamsters more often).
If anyone that uses IE is disgruntled with the new format then try either Firefox or Chrome, You may be impressed.
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8th February 2013, 07:10
"Many years ago" ? You must have been a pioneer. Dec 2008 was the release date..

Hooked up last year. Still use Firefox mostly, but slowly sliding across. Hey, it's different, but sweet! Inertia.

For the technically inclined, here's a "graphic novel" description of the inner workings.

Bottom line: it beats the heck out of IE.
Tried that one after a major Vista update & it crashed my system 4 times before slowly reaching consciousness. A test tonight showed it's still a pig wading through molasses.

Chrome rules.

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8th February 2013, 07:33
Hi Syz. 3-4 years in my life is "many years" certainly not a computer guru but try to keep things updated (and working), Will follow the links you have posted as I'm sure I will learn something. Thanks for the info. I like the "changes" but it did take a little time.
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8th February 2013, 10:05
I use safari and have had no problems...
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