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4th February 2013, 09:25
I've just read this thread but can't get back to it . Senior moment !
For my "twopennorth" could the site please encourage people to put the name of the paper in the subject box ? When scouring for topics it is so much easier if the paper is named - I always start DT 27091 or whatever so that people looking for the same answers need not bother others ! Subjects like "Cryptic" etc don't really help.
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4th February 2013, 09:30
PS does anyone know how to get rid of the wretched adverts which keep swallowing up my attempts to post ? Very frustrating.
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4th February 2013, 11:14
The forum rules ask us to do just that when posting.
Re Adverts. These pay for this free forum so we just have to put up with them. Just close them and keep your sound turned down.
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5th February 2013, 09:11
thanks, rossim. I do understand that ads pay for our excellent free site, but when I try to turn them off with the usual top northeastern icon with a white cross on a red ground, it doesn't appear to work, and when the ad has finished with me all my patiently typed in text has gone - ah, what it is to be a fully paid up luddite !
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