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4th February 2013, 13:23
Yes, all the same as trevor's. I had to look up bonxie to see if it was vicious.
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4th February 2013, 13:31
Thanks for having a go everyone, wordplay below...

1. Not so boring sods, furiously tweeting perhaps(8)

Anag(furiously) of "boring(so)ds

2. Eponymous hero first bringing seasonal misery from the East(7)

B(ringing)FLU WOE reversed

3. Can an indefinite number be taken from an awfully big nose?(6)

Aang(awfully) of big(N)ose

4. An offensive bird may, arguably be picked and put in the team(6)

BONE(may arguably be picked) around XI(team)

5. The original Bisto, occasionally lumpy, ie mix well for good gravy(6)

B(isto)LuMpY mixed with IE

6. In the manner of Spooner somewhat conspicuous and talking nonsense(10)

rather bling - blather (r)ing

7. They may be uplifting and (bordering on sexism) in harmony with “tuck in the girls when it's cold outside”(5,6,7)

BRAS(may be uplifting)
SM(bordering on S(exis)M
ON KEY(in harmony)
EAT(tuck in)
HER(the girls)

Cook encourages a load of young nits to make breakfast perhaps, the ultimate waffle?(3,4)

Anag of final letters(ultimate waffle) - triple defn
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4th February 2013, 13:37
Very good, ixion! Much better than the Super Bowl, and no commercials.
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4th February 2013, 13:39
Thanks ixion. Very good. Looking forward to your next challenge.
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4th February 2013, 13:43
always impressed Ixion. thanks.
Aristo - no commercials but a blatant use of product placement. Ixion will soon be able to bathe in gravy.
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4th February 2013, 13:51
Some of the SB commercials were rather kinky too. Ixie's puzzle doesn't have a halftime show with Beyonce at least. I'm waiting for her Mahler album.
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4th February 2013, 14:07
Thank you Ixion, much appreciated (very clever too).

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4th February 2013, 14:11
I didn't get back till 2 pm, so couldn't take part properly. Thanks for another great puzzle, Ixion - I got five answers and the link, so am heading in the right directon.
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4th February 2013, 14:49
Thanks Joan and to everyone else that had a go...and thanks for mentioning "bogies" Trevor, I was quite pleased with that one.
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4th February 2013, 16:28
I forgot to say thank you, Ixion. ( I'm like the lady from Tottenham who had manners but had forgotten 'em.)
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