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2nd February 2013, 17:39
Has anyone got a clue what has happened to Chambers Word Wizard? It seems to have gone walkabout.
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2nd February 2013, 17:45
It's been down all day, most frustrating.
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2nd February 2013, 17:47
This is a good alternative if you are stuck
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2nd February 2013, 18:32
Thanks for the confirmation and pointer.
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3rd February 2013, 19:44
I have found the following site very helpful

with the following reservations - it only does whole words so it will not do two or three word solutions like the other site mentioned or indeed Chambers. But every word offered is linked to a dictionary which also offers synonyms. Thanks for the other site but it does throw up lots of spurious entries and unlike the site I mentioned does not tell you have reached a limit
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3rd February 2013, 19:47
Chambers is back up
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