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10th December 2008, 23:14
The clue is "acted as a stupid boy" and the answer will be 2 words: 3 letters then 8 letters. It will include a colour in the answer.
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10th December 2008, 23:39
acted etc.

I'm not sure about this one. All your other answers are wholly a colour. So, how about:
"dun babyblue".
Each word is a recognised colour. "dun" is a stupid way of saying "acted" and baby blue would be a boy as conversely babypink would be a girl.

That's the best I can do.
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11th December 2008, 00:28
I'm really impressed by the ingeniosity of your suggestions Terry but .. (there's always a but) ... I think the answer is probably "Ian Lavender" the actor who played Pike in Dad's Army.
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11th December 2008, 06:51
Yes,Jimc,I agree. Your answer must be the right one.
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