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1st February 2013, 21:48
Thanx for the votes JWS & BBM2.
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1st February 2013, 22:10
Well done AB , great clue using as few words as possible...

Thanks to jws for the contest and prize .

Cheers to Aristo and thea for the votes
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1st February 2013, 22:23
Congratulations to the tersely prolific AB, and thanks to jws for officiating- also to mrw and ixion for the mentions.
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2nd February 2013, 00:54
Congratulations AB and thanks for the to look at the prize.
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2nd February 2013, 01:02
Thank you all for your good wishes and thank you for the prize, jws. Spitting Image always hits the mark.
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2nd February 2013, 08:38
Now that minor crisis has been averted and normality has returned I get the chance to say congrats ab, your post @17 was my choice - very succinct.

Thanks to pastille, emrach and gk for the votes (and the good wishes) and ixion for the mention, although I didn't think I was in with a chance this week.

Off to prepare myself for the annual torture that is the Six Nations - come on guys, it's only England at Twickenham (groan).
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bobs mum

2nd February 2013, 09:09
belated congrats Ab well done
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2nd February 2013, 09:55
Congratulations AB and great prize x
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2nd February 2013, 10:09
Well done AB! Can't get to a computer on Friday evening except really late; Saturday voting close works for me...
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