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30th January 2013, 17:53
Evening all!
Sorry for the delay, but many good clues to choose from and an excellent response to this weeks competition. Thank you all for entering!
I could give a special mention to just about every clue!
Thanks to mrw for the vision of the plumber (and his flashing) on the church roof!
Thanks busby for your "plump bob" clue!

But the winner this week is bigbadmarty2 with "Pilot alleged broken leg was amputated". A clever anagram and lovely surface reading. Well done!

Your prize is related to the inspiration for my choice of word.... the dog! Enjoy!
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bobs mum

30th January 2013, 18:00
Well done bbm2 very good clue and thank you therouge for an excellent word.
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30th January 2013, 18:04
Well done BBM2 - saw it and knew it was a winner, albeit amongst some excellent clues.

Therogue , great choice of word but no wonder you're called therouge after seeing your prize. Poor dog! lol
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30th January 2013, 18:17
Well done BBM2 - great clue.

Thanks for the word therogue - when I saw a 4-letter word I thought that there might not be the opportunity for a wide variety of clues - how wrong I was! Thanks for the clip as well - I've seen it before, but it's well worth seeing again.
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greedy kite

30th January 2013, 18:20
Congratulations, bbm2, and really enjoyed the clip
(we are cat people, but it's nice to see a real communicating dog, too!)
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30th January 2013, 18:21
well done bbm2 and thanks to therogue for setting the word.
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30th January 2013, 18:35
So well done, BBM2 and what a great word to clue. Must be at least 20 definitions.

Stockings etc all ready (yes really!) BBM2 on Tuesday next if you need secretarial assistance :-))
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30th January 2013, 18:43
Congratulations, BigBad, and it's great to have you back on the ranch, therogue.
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30th January 2013, 18:48
Well done BBM2..... And thanks the rogue ...

Oft o watch the prize...

@ aristo....check out the question thread this what you are getting?
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30th January 2013, 18:55
Well done, Badman - a winner at first sight for me too - and thanks to therogue (or therouge if you're blushing) for an unexpectedly prolific word.
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