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greedy kite

29th January 2013, 06:34
-st word DOING like the sound represented in comics!) And for some reason, just like before, words have a habit of splitting themselves up over 2 postings: suppose I'm just hitting the wrong key occasionally, and that's not the fault of the system. But then I'm sure it never used to happen until recently!
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29th January 2013, 12:59
Yoohoo, Syzzie. Re 28a: I assume you got "make movie with reversal in the middle"; I took the latter part to be "before big hits, fail", with the comma insertion making the difference- thus F before LAMS.
I hadn't heard of the TV show either, and I'm one of those awful Americans you Canadians look south on.
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30th January 2013, 04:53
Thanks, Aristo. I should have checked the dictionary. Was trying to work with SLAMS.

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30th January 2013, 05:03
GK. Does your message break after you submit, or while you're typing it?

The "Update Information" button has weird phrasing".
Had me wondering what that meant, the first time.
"Submit" might be better. Too bad it doesn't stack the reply with the original post.
Also, referencing a post by number is pointless because it shifts.

Will have to browse some of the threads & add my two cents.
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greedy kite

30th January 2013, 06:54
@ Syzygy: my message (sometimes, not always, thank God) breaks while I'm typing --- so am I probably touching s'thing I shouldn't? I know you'll have the answer: best technical advisor around.....................
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31st January 2013, 03:56
Thanks, GK, but sorry, no idea why your msgs would break.
I've tested several keys: both of Enter, Alt, Ctrl, & all the other move keys: Tab, End, Home, etc. No problems.
Possibly the browser, but that's unlikely. I use Firefox & Chrome. I think you mentioned you use IE (Internet Explorer), one I definitely avoid - major dog.

Perhaps your keyboard ? If it's several years old, could be a key switch or the control chip having an occasional fault.
If it's getting grubby, get a new one. They're so cheap now it's not worth cleaning. $10 - $15 here.
However, if you have a laptop, get a can of compressed air & give a blast around the keys.
Turn it off first.
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31st January 2013, 04:21
Ash & Co. have been fixing problems nicely.

1) post numbering doesn't change.
2) HTML code tags for bold & italic
(my earlier post shows them correctly)

Never had a problem with Post & Answer boxes being different shades of grey.
That could be a browser problem, or the result of reading smut. (-;

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31st January 2013, 09:17
Ta Syzygy,
1st time i've ever done this, i enjoyed it.
i agree with your comment about 'update information', 'Submit' would make more sense, but on the whole i think they made a v good job of the refit.
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greedy kite

31st January 2013, 10:26
Thanx 4 the tip about cleaning the keys, Syzygy: i'll do that. Still think I may be just touching s'thing inadvertently, though: I'm not the most relegant of typers!
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