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greedy kite

23rd January 2013, 16:47
Please see my rather late reply to your problem about moving or not, which I've now added on to the end of the "SNOW" thread!
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bobs mum

23rd January 2013, 16:59
Thank you greedy kite,--- we have had our place for ten years now and go over as much is possible. We have done the place up over this time -- i love it to pieces --- i get so shocked at coming back to blighty with the price of everything. Pro for moving. France telecom !!!!!! ---- (i know you' re laughing) we have be driven to drink and tears by the red tape and abject inefficiency of that particular institution -- it honestly took us the best part of two years to get a land line and internet connection . Moving for good near Sancerre and other Cru Boujolais houses does have it,s advantages. Speak soon and thanks for replying
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greedy kite

23rd January 2013, 17:06
I could -- but won't -- add to the list of incompetent French agencies (especially after living 40 yrs in Germany) --- and nevertheless, it's the "joie de vivre" that triumphs over everything!!! If you can, just do it! Really!
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