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john (from arran)

12th November 2009, 17:38
OK, so it's nothing to do with crosswords or quizzes, but does anyone here have a good recipe for Parkin? I've tried a couple from the WibbleWibbleWibble thingy, but they were far too dry and horrible. Something must have been missing and making a good Parkin is number 1394 on the list of things to do before I die, so I need to get started quite soon.
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12th November 2009, 18:03
what is parkin.
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12th November 2009, 18:08
mark -- it's what common people do with their cars.

John(FA) -- Hugh Thingy-Whatsitall had a recipe in The Grauniad a couple of weeks ago. I can't vouch for it though!
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12th November 2009, 18:10
I walked into that one.
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the joker

13th November 2009, 03:09
Hi John(frae Arran)
My late wife was a Home Economics teacher and used recipes by Delia Smith which she invariably found to be very successful.
Try www.deliaonline/recipes/type....traditional-oatmeal-parkin.html.
If it is a success then you could send some of the fruits of your labours to me in the Capital City.
Yours in anticipation
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13th November 2009, 07:57
Don't really approve of recommending The Other Place, but isn't this a case of The AnswerBank to the rescue?
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john (from arran)

13th November 2009, 16:47
Thanks for those two pointers. I'll try them first before venturing in to "The Other Place".
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