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23rd January 2013, 17:12
Thank you for your excellent entries. Some of the front runners included rosiland @ 2 (despite apparently having trouble with her vowels), ab’s typically ab-esque clue @ 5, imagcq and ixion’s culinary efforts @ 18 & 20 (although the mind boggles at the thought of Heston-style experimentation, and, indeed, at the idea of cooking a trifle in an Aga) but the winner with a late run was therogue @ 21: Horrible woman at magazine composed article of no merit.
Congratulations to therogue, your prize is a virtual magic trick. Apologies if you’ve seen it before, but I hope it amuses you, and you can in turn use it to amaze others. This is the address for the site, then scroll down to the Princess Card Trick
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23rd January 2013, 17:21
Congrats to therogue

(Sorry bullfrog - your trick doesn't work with habitual card players!)
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23rd January 2013, 17:22
Well done therogue...nice surface reading.
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23rd January 2013, 17:23
Many congrats therogue, well deserved.

My apologies to bullfrog (and the rest of you)for my convoluted and awkward clue but I could not get 'gateleg table' out of my mind after the Gruniad's crossword clue from last week!

Great prize bullfrog - I'd forgotten about that one.
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bobs mum

23rd January 2013, 17:25
Well done Therouge and thanks Bullfrog
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23rd January 2013, 17:26
Well done, therogue.

The card trick is absolutely amazing, simply can't imagine how that's done, in spite of my sons being magicians (coached by me) for many years.

What a great word for clueing, bullfrog and thanks for the mention.
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23rd January 2013, 17:41
Congratulations, therogue.
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23rd January 2013, 17:49
Well done therogue and thanks to Bullfrog. Good clip, it took me a couple of tries before I worked out the trick
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greedy kite

23rd January 2013, 17:57
Congratulations, therogue!
(Can it be that ALL the cards disappear? Just wondering: will try again..!)
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23rd January 2013, 18:04
Well done the rogue......

Will try the trick later....

Could not resist my " quote" as it used to be one of my husbands favourite lines.
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