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22nd January 2013, 17:19
Thanks Penguin - I'm slowly getting there - looks an interesting subject - I'll need to find the refernce in Brewers next.
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22nd January 2013, 17:25
many thanks arcticpenguin,slowly working through many wrong letters but now have first two words P?? C??????
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22nd January 2013, 19:19
Yes, that's it, Leon - maybe think cars? I's a lovely puzzle once you've worked it out, although for the second step you need to own a Brewers or use the link the out-of-date one given on the Wikipedia web page for Brewers (which is a damned sight easier to search if you pull up the HTML version).
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22nd January 2013, 21:51
I'm having trouble finding the pairs. Are all the them in Brewers under one heading or are they scattered throughout the book?
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22nd January 2013, 22:18
Six pairs are together in one heading (where you might expect). Seventh has its own (alphabetical) entry.
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22nd January 2013, 22:22
only the second part of the schematic in the instructions applies to the brewers reference,if memory serves me correctly,cant find the damn paper
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23rd January 2013, 19:13
Can anyone push me in the right direction for the treatment of the last eight words. I now have most (but not all) of the pairs. One of the pairs seems to contain an extra word - is that important?
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23rd January 2013, 21:15
unclued, I am in same position,I assume youre refering to bear and (ragged) staff, the eight I have to change somehow are
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23rd January 2013, 21:33
Scores across six for two,down ten for one.
Replace the letters "one" in 17 down "toned" by the letters "ten". Replace the letters "two" reading across from the final letter of 16 across "ret" by the letters "six".
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23rd January 2013, 21:55
Thanks Leon and krauton. I think I'm gradually getting better with these crosswords but I still find them really hard. The final part always seems to defeat me!
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