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21st January 2013, 11:52
So we are stuck with you then?
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21st January 2013, 11:55
emrach - Thank you for your comforting words, I'm afraid so.
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21st January 2013, 11:59
Cheeky eh Well known for my comforting skills!!! That aside glad to have you back xxx
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21st January 2013, 12:59
A good decision, the right one.

We can stand Mamya down now.

We all get grumpy now and then its just some can contain it, welcome back.
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21st January 2013, 13:09
what has Mamya got to do with it?
i don't think TheAmbler was being grumpy, he is sometimes outspoken but not in anger.
... anyways, i'm glad it is all sorted and that RedundantElf chose to stick around.
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21st January 2013, 13:32
I'm glad too. x
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21st January 2013, 13:59
Good news :-)
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21st January 2013, 18:44
I personally am very pleased you are staying around ...RE....x

@trevor....mrw commented on another thread that redundantelf should stay as mamya had asked him/her to. would not want to experience her wrath...or those specialist whips she knits.....
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21st January 2013, 18:50
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21st January 2013, 19:09
Hi one!! and ALL.
(Is it safe to come in?)
I bring no gifts not like those Greeks.
B U T [b/]

I am really really glad that RedElf is once again in the fold.
RedElf Trust me -- no one on this site would intentionally hurt another.
I certainly didnt intend any grief
But I do see how you got caught in the crossfire SORRY!!!
As Trevor will tell you I am multifaceted but some of my facets need polishing.
Pastille mentioed nitpicking Hi Pat--Never knitted a pick since I was eleven.

But I do admit to overzeal when it comes to small print-- Thats me- (Strong on analysis Ha Ha)
Glad to see you Red
Thanks for tolerance Emrach
Now to clear the drive
Best wishes all round
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