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17th January 2013, 08:08
Yes, heaps of snow and bitterly cold (-11C) this morning here in Norfolk.
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17th January 2013, 10:03
Snow still lying from Sunday here in Leeds bitterly cold this morning with freezing fog, I'm staying by the fire with Gordius!!!!
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17th January 2013, 12:09
It's just start red to snow here in Oxfordshire, the sky looks as though there is a lot to come down.
Hope everyone stays safe and warm
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17th January 2013, 12:13
ours is due on Friday/Saturday puppy loves it cats and me hate it am feeding the birds several times a day as it is very cold the sparrow hawk is taking a pigeon everyday at the moment
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17th January 2013, 13:01
When I started this off I was interested to know who had snow but didn't know it would extend so far (France!) . We still have no snow in Dorset or this area but that may change tonight. Grand daughter (age4) still hoping for snow to compete with her 4 year old cousin who does have some snow!
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17th January 2013, 13:30
Well I'll extend the weather report even further, redcoral. We got about four inches of wet, heavy snow in Massachusetts yesterday. I'd be happy to send some over if you'll give me your address.
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17th January 2013, 14:38
Ho!Ho! No thanks ...... It's sunshine & warmth that I personally would appreciate!

However it does make one realize what a difference the Internet makes to all our lives that it covers such distances so fast. Yesterday I was amazed that within minutes of that helicopter crashing in London I was looking at horrific videos of it in less than an hour!
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greedy kite

18th January 2013, 13:19
I think it's time to give a more up-to-date report: we now have a thin layer of snow here between Toulouse & the Pyrenees for the first time this winter!
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18th January 2013, 13:47
I started a new thread today updating the snow in the north Dorset area & you can read what is happening all over the place (mainly England) so far today!
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