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14th January 2013, 11:22
Clue: Vessels with medical facilities leaving wet cargo at sea (5)
Solution: EWERS

Vessels = EWERS, I think. I can't parse the whole clue though.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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14th January 2013, 12:42
nearest I can muster is ...

[W]ith + ERS [Emergency rooms]

but still leaves an 'e'
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14th January 2013, 12:53
Do you know for sure that EWERS was the correct answer?
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14th January 2013, 15:10
Thanks for the replies, mamya and rossim.

There are 2 sets of clues in THE SUNDAY CRUSADER AND HIS SQUIRE, and they lead to the same answers.
In The Squire's clues (quick clues), the equivalent clue, 26ac, is "Pitchers (5)".

Yesterday, the online site which gives answers to the SUNDAY EXPRESS crosswords,
gave EWERS as the solution.
Unfortunately, yesterday's solutions to this crossword are not shown today!
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14th January 2013, 21:51
Extending your ideas, mamya, maybe:

w(with) ER(Emergency Room) leaving(departing from) e(wet cargo, or what w/t carries) at (in front of) s(sea).

The other clues were all rather devious too!
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