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12th January 2013, 18:10
I've got a full grid, the 4,4 phrase (I think I do, anyway - involving 'directions', if you like) but can't work out any of the 5 theme words in the grid. Im assuming i have to 'follow' the 'directions'. Any hints gratefully received!
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12th January 2013, 20:14
Got it. 1a is critical.
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12th January 2013, 22:04
So, have you got the words?
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13th January 2013, 08:58
Yes - once you have the title with the 4,4 phrase substituted for 'centre', think about various 1acrosses as the reversed 1acrosses would use them. Most of the words intersect with the phrase to be added down the centre; one doesn't.
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