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9th January 2013, 21:48
Hi Bullfrog
My mothers uncle was a groom at a Bedfordshire racing stable. When a new yearling came along it was named after baby Ruby SO RUBIO
It didnt show much promise so the owner hired it out to the Station Hotel at Towcester where it was the luggage carthorse.
This did it a power of good so it went back to training AND Won the DERBY (forget the year)
Thanks for the post.
Nearly took on the parish of Helmdon, Syresham,etc (Awkward on Silverstone weekends)
All the best
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9th January 2013, 21:50
@bullfrog - RE seems to be the popular choice, but whatever takes your fancy, I don't mind either way.

btw chrise - Did I spell receive incorrectly somewhere?
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9th January 2013, 21:57
1908 66 to 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9th January 2013, 22:00
superfluousnisse: It was "recieve" in the naughty clip.
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9th January 2013, 22:21
Thea, Post 83. A jumper not a sprinter. Rubio won the Grand National in 1908 (at those odds) not the Derby.
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9th January 2013, 22:21
Just had a look again Mr A, and you and chrise are absolutely correct - didn't notice because was laughing too much.
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10th January 2013, 11:33
Well done redundantelf!
Hope you find a new post soon.
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10th January 2013, 19:32
Thanks ab very much.
Yes Grand National
And Baby named after the horse!!!!
All thebest for 2013
Look out for New Moons!!!!!!!
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10th January 2013, 19:40
My aunt was indirectly named after a horse, too. Her cousin was named Vera after being born the day a horse of that name apparently won the Newcastle plate, if there is such a thing, and she was named after her cousin.I also have a family in my tree where there were so many boys the parents hadn't thought of a name when the christening came round and asked the Vicar, who suggested Frederick Augustus after some royal. So the poor child was given that name, his brothers being the usual John, James, Thomas etc.
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