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29th June 2008, 15:36
Can't finish bottom left!

Man shortly moved round and round endlessly (5) E????

Shade left of centre (3) R??

Drunk variety of Thai beer husband left (7) E?R?A??

Help would be appreciated!
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29th June 2008, 16:13
scotsman crossword not a lot of help perhaps but 1st clue , the word eddy keeps going round in my mind , can you get something from that 2nd. Is that red , something to do with archery circles . 3rd. i think is an anagram of thia beer with one letter taken away
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29th June 2008, 16:36
Thanks Sylvia.
I see the red thread now and that fits with EDDIE, which leaves E?R?A?E for drunk variety of thai beer husband left.
the only word that i could find to fit was euryale, so the beer could be ale? I dont see the connection though!
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29th June 2008, 16:37
hi Chris, Sylvia has basically done most of the work here ....
the first one is EDDIE , being an endless version of EDDIED
RED is correct
the last one is interesting; if it's an anagram of "Thai beer" without the "H" (husband), you get EBRIATE. this sounds like the opposite of inebriate which gives you the "drunk" connection.
Unfortunately, it's not in my dictionary!! maybe it's a word in Scotland??
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29th June 2008, 20:35
Brian, thanks for your help. It looks like the only solution.
Unfortunately I dont have a Scottish dictionary, but will keep researching the word!

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12th July 2008, 16:51
i think its ebriate
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