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28th December 2012, 12:46
Thanks for the post on Peer Review - apart from yourself realising, no-one else has commented.

When I stumbled over the site, I only intended to stay around until Christmas. However I've had so much fun I decided that a name change was required for the rest of the year.

SLH may return at some point!

Hope you had a very good Christmas.
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28th December 2012, 19:34
Hi Redundantelf - formerly know as SLH. Haven't been about last couple of days loving the new name may I shorten it to RE or do you have another preference Hope you have been enjoying the festivities x
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28th December 2012, 19:40
Hello there...have just been " bankrupted" from a game of monopoly...thankfully!!!

If anyone suggests another game I will poke them in the eye with a pointed stick.

More wine is needed!!!!

@reductantelf....just enjoy the quiet time. No doubt Santa will be calling on you soon....x

Off to vote on Peer pressure...sorry, Review...
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29th December 2012, 08:02
@emrach - RE is just fine
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