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27th December 2012, 17:04
Have a good New Year Ash and Norah
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27th December 2012, 17:07
Thanks for a great forum Ash and Norah. Looking forward to the update.
All the best for 2013.
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27th December 2012, 17:14
I thought there was only a five-hour difference, but I must have miscalculated. Oh, what the heck- Happy New Year! Best wishes, and may you have a glitch-free site. Thanks for providing this wonderful forum.
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27th December 2012, 17:38
All the best to you, too, and thanks for everything you do.
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27th December 2012, 20:43
Have a fabulous 2013 x
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28th December 2012, 12:53
I agree with the previous posts - it is an excellent site. Wishing you a prosperous New Year.
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28th December 2012, 16:35
Please allow me to include my sincere wishes for you both, Ash and Nora. May your New Year be a successful and joyful one. A million thanks for the best Xword site available. Hope the new one runs well. Love. John xx (to Nora!!lol)
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28th December 2012, 16:40
May I just add to the thanks and gratitude of the other posters, folks - have a great 2013!
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28th December 2012, 19:28
Ash and Norah, I'd like to thank you too and just to remind you that very many of us are retired and possibly verging on dementia, so therefore ask you to keep it simple, the older we get the more difficult it is to 'navigate' new things. Peace and love...
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28th December 2012, 20:28
Best wishes and thanks for making this site possible
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