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28th December 2012, 10:38
uncle-w,sorry about giving wrong answer for 32, see above
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28th December 2012, 11:04
No problem Leon.I've just realised that I have 25 outwards and 23 inwards. Something else incorrect? Have grid cut out and folded but no idea as to what is going on!
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28th December 2012, 16:45
Follow the instructions in the preamble EXACTLY to match in all of the sectors. I put a circle around the squares that were affected. This gives you the squares to cut out. You are left with something in the shape of the (thematic word). The second quotation is fairly easy to find. Keep's worth it in the end - you can hang the resulting grid on the wall to impress your friends!
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28th December 2012, 17:09
Just finished, I might even send this one in and frame a copy (not really),spent far too much time on it,again don't hesitate to ask if anyone needs help, and thanks again to all the help on this thread
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28th December 2012, 17:41
I assume one ends up with a snowflake pattern but still can't see which letters have to be cut out.Probably being a bit 'twp' as they say in this part of the isle.
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28th December 2012, 19:15
uncle_w, I assume you have folded in six sections( one with LEUCOJUM inside) mark the 14 letters that were omitted from wordplay (the snow bunting)and the corresponding CELLS in each section, you should end up with 14 marked letters in each section the same, which you can cut out when folded,took me ages to fathom this bit out.
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28th December 2012, 19:52
Thanks Leon. I certainly would'nt have got there without your last reply. Hoping 4221 will be somewhat easier!
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28th December 2012, 23:34
Senior moment! I meant 4222.
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29th December 2012, 07:04
Guys, is it possible that we are giving away (WAY) too much information here?

I know this is a debate that has been done to death before; and fundamentally, it is a free country - and this IS a crossword help forum - so I guess that you have all the arguments on your side.

But, speaking as someone who occasionally compiles thematic crosswords - I am totally biased, I admit - I think these kinds of discussions are just a bit disrespectful to the compiler. Leaving aside the fact that these are open competitions (and for what it's worth, I don't think the Listener is unique in this respect - I'd feel the same about any open competition) it really does take ages to put these things together. And it's not done for financial reward. The aim is to bamboozle the solver for a bit, sure, but to make sure that the "penny dropping moments" are a thing of delight. That kind of disappears if people simply blurt out the theme and elements of the end-game. It's obvious once you've got there yourself, but it's not obvious if you are still working through it.

I know that you could simply say - don't google crossword solution sites if you don't want spoilers. And I'd agree with you, up to a point. But just think of the poor setter for a few seconds before doing so?

I'm sure some may disagree with me, and I hope they are not offended by this post. And a Happy New Year to everyone, regardless.

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