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26th December 2012, 08:36
Clues are plus or minus one letter in the wordplay. I am struggling to justify 2 clues.
Fear a rustic with copper bottle (6). I have PHOBIC - hob inside pic(e) but surely fear = phobia not phobic.
Before getting cut, lewd address to old man from bard (6). I have NUNCLE and think it is something to do with unclean but can't quite see how.
Does the message run clockwise or anticlockwise? Many thanks.
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26th December 2012, 09:40
It is not PHOBIC but CARAFE (anagram of 'fear' and 'a' plus 'Cu' extra letter being 'u').The quotation starts at 1 and is entered clockwise.I also have NUNCLE (Shakespeare) but not clear on the wordplay. Struggling on ten clues so cannot see me finishing this!
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26th December 2012, 10:48
before=an abbreviation of ante
remove an from unclean.
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26th December 2012, 10:54
Thanks both of you. I now have the quotation and am trying to solve the last ten clues.
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26th December 2012, 17:26
This is an excellent puzzle, and well worth some head-scratching.

The thematic phrase and instructions from the omitted/extra letters, the two quotations and the symmetry in the completed grid all help each other. If the setter believed the puzzle to be unsolvable without more information, the preamble would have given some. It doesn't. The puzzle is there to be solved as it stands.

Nobody is expected to complete this type of puzzle in ten minutes flat. It's a Listener. It's not meant to be easy - persistence and doggedness are required.

The closing date is still over a week away, and for those not planning on submitting an entry no time limit exists. Three semi-lucky people will receive a dictionary for their efforts (currently available for only £20 on Amazon) but nobody else will get anything at all, not even a pat on the back from their mates. They may award themselves some kudos from having 'beaten' the setter, but those who've had a leg-up along the way are fooling nobody but themselves.

Here's a thought: maybe someone should write to the Listener editors, suggesting that the solution be printed alongside the puzzle, for the sake of those who can't be bothered to think.

Happy New Year.
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27th December 2012, 08:42
Answer to clue 42 is in previous edition of Chambers. What is the other one? Can anyone help with -
One who resisted leaders of Girondins?
Thanks - 4 more to go!

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27th December 2012, 10:12
unclued - I think it is 5 and 30 that are not in the current edition of Chambers - in that they are names and Chambers 12th has no names section. Having said that the 4 that elude me are 5,6,7 and 8.
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27th December 2012, 11:22
Thanks serp. I need 5,6,17 and 18. 7 and 8 are ulling and hieing. I'm quite new to these crosswords and find the help on this forum really useful - thanks a lot.
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27th December 2012, 11:32
Wooers - w(with) + loo + er's (belonging to monarch) and Ulcers (extra l) - the derivation of which temporarily escapes me but gives an extra o
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27th December 2012, 11:32
5= grid gandhi clued gandi (h not clued)
g and i
6= grid soenag clued soegnag (middle g is extra) goes backwards with nag.
7= grid ulling clued rulling (one l is extra) l in ruling.

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