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23rd December 2012, 15:03
a fool (4 3 2 6 )
a thick fog (1 6 10)
jaunty and hot (5)
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23rd December 2012, 15:05

Such fogs were prevalent in UK cities, especially London where the smoke from millions of chimneys combined with the mists and fogs of the Thames valley. The result was commonly known as a London particular or London fog, which then, in a reversal of the idiom, became the name for a thick pea and ham soup.[1]
An 1871 New York Times article refers to "London, particularly, where the population are periodically submerged in a fog of the consistency of pea soup..." The fogs caused large numbers of deaths from respiratory problems.[2]
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23rd December 2012, 15:11
If the quiz refers to phrases with place names rather than the place names themselves than "Wise man of Gotham" could be a fool.
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23rd December 2012, 15:44
Oh how we live and learn ! I lived in London for many years through the bad fogs, and only ever knew them as 'pea-soupers' and 'smog', and still everyone built up their fires with coal and coal-dust whch added to the problems. The 'Clean-air' act was very welcome!
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24th December 2012, 16:08
Thank you both for your help,any ideas for
1 in distress (5 3 6 )
2 this towns going round and round (7)
3 riotous armed conflict in scottish island town (7)
4 leather jacket padded with mail(5)
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24th December 2012, 16:13
2 Glasgow? ( I belong to Glasgow song)
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