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4th November 2009, 14:45
Again answers have a colour connection
1. More angry flower (4,6)
2. No longer legal tender since 1980 (6) I had some suggestions before but not why ( given copper silver and tanner )
3. The French sell (8) again give la vender, looks correct but not sure
4. A proverb (6,2,6,3,7,2,6)
5. Not big,black or cow (6,5,4)
6. Nearly a vulpine victim (6,3,6,4)
7. Sounds like and an envious measure (9) green looks like in the answer, nut unable to complete
8. Song or street cry. (6,4,6,4,4,1,3,4,3,4,4,4,3,3)
9. Take in around the edges (7)
10. Cheat long fled (3,6,4)

Thank you all again for your assistance, but there maybe yet even more to follow.

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s knott

4th November 2009, 15:06

I think you have already asked for answers to at least 50 clues from this colour quiz. How many are there altogether and have you answered any yourself yet?

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4th November 2009, 15:08
10 is an anagram with one word a colour
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4th November 2009, 15:10
Sorry - that was obvious - one word is fleece
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4th November 2009, 15:16
1 Thorny bloom is more insane
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4th November 2009, 15:24
6. Little Red Riding Hood (vulpine is a fox)
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4th November 2009, 15:47

Yes I have asked for help, but thats the idea of the site, but if I did not ask for advice the site would not exist, this is not meant to be a nasty reply. I do have soem still unaswered and oer the next few days I will post them and hopefully you will give me a helping hand.


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4th November 2009, 15:55
"the site would not exist"? You're welcome to ask any and everything you like but that comment is laughable.
Try not posting for - lets say - a year.
We'll see if we can struggle on without you.
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4th November 2009, 16:01
I think Shirley's point is that some people seem to get hold of the quiz, let everyone else do the work, then presumably send it off as their own effort in an attempt to win a prize. Someone even recently opened their posting with the words 'I'm hopeless at these quizzes', which makes you wonder 'Why do them then?'
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4th November 2009, 16:09
I agree with Shirley's point(and Bullfrog)so I often choose not to answer.Although I'm sure Gary will get his answers anyway but is that so bad? Surely Knott!

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