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7th December 2012, 08:47
Q. Harsh words about backword boy ( 8 )
The answer begins with S
SEWSTERN - WES - backward boy STERN - Harsh
IF there is a better answer I'd like to know it!!!! Still going blind straining at my AA map index.
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7th December 2012, 09:21
i prefer the second one - 'about' indicates the word for boy should be inside the word not at the start.
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7th December 2012, 09:27
I agree that it is the better of the two. However, SWORE is a verb and WORDS is a noun with HARSH being an adjective. The surface doesn't seem to work properly.
Sorry I can't come up with anything better though.
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7th December 2012, 12:05
many thanks for your input.
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