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7th December 2012, 19:21
Pastille @ Post 3
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7th December 2012, 19:26
Of course I am happy with that, Rambler - we must take the first submission where there are strong similarities or identical entries. Perhaps in future a separate topic could be created (for the attention of ......) in such circumstances - not a big issue though.
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7th December 2012, 19:34

Thanks for the vote GK
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7th December 2012, 20:05
i vote chrise post 9 ixion post 27 as close second
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7th December 2012, 20:38
With only one vote not cast we have a clear winner with chrise on five votes and les40 runner-up with three. Well done, chrise - your prize is the best example of ambidexterity I could find.
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7th December 2012, 20:52
Well, I'm surprised but very chuffed - thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. There were lots of very worthy entries, so I take it as a real compliment that I have the most votes.

Thanks for the prize, rambler - astonishing performance - somewhere between juggling and rhythmic gymnastics.
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7th December 2012, 20:52
Well done ChrisE a worthy winner
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greedy kite

7th December 2012, 21:03
Great, chris -- well-deserved!
Thanks for your vote.
Wonderful clip, rambler!
And a good time was had by all (I hope)......
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7th December 2012, 21:24
Well done ChrisE ....

Thanks for the special mention santaslittlehelper ...and the vote les40....

Off to watch the video ....
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7th December 2012, 21:51
Just got in - would have voted for you Chris. Well done!
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